HomeNewsShani Louk video in Hamas Truck leaves the world in tears

Shani Louk video in Hamas Truck leaves the world in tears

Shani Louk video in Hamas Truck leaves the world in tears

Shani Louk was recognized by her parents after the spread of a video on social networks about the k!dnappings of civilians in southern Israel.

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While the world is under stress after ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestinian Fighters, a video of German tourist, Shani Louk, left the people in tears.

Mother of the girl seen in the Hamas Truck, who is identified as Shani Louk, confirmed that the girl was her daughter.

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Shani Louk, a German citizen, tragically found herself at the center of a horrifying inc!dent captured in a viral video. This inc!dent occurred in Israel, near the Gaza border fence, during a music festival for peace.

Shani, who was in her mid-20s, was attending this festival, aiming to celebrate harmony and unity in a region marked by conflict.

The unsettling events transpired on a fateful Saturday morning, precisely on October 7th. According to Shani’s cousin, as reported by The Washington Post, she had gone missing when Palestinian terrorists overran an outdoor dance party near Kibbutz Urim. It was during this chaotic and distressing episode that Shani’s life took a tragic turn.

The att@ck by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas on Israel began around 6:30 a.m. on Saturday (3:30 GMT) and included the kidn@pping of people in several towns bordering the Gaza Strip.

A group of militiamen from the Al Qasam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, claimed to have kidn@pped the bodies of several Israeli soldiers killed and wounded in clashes and confirmed that they have several civilians captive, captured during their land incursion into southern Israel.

Various videos circulated on social networks showing how several women were kidn@pped and, according to The Washington Post , one of them could be identified by her relatives.

Tom Weintraub Louk, 30, revealed to the American newspaper that his first cousin, Shani Louk , who is in her early 20s, was missing after a group of terrorists att@cked an outdoor party near Kibbutz Urim on Saturday in the morning.

Upon news of that attack, relatives tried to contact Shani, who was at the scene, but received no response. In addition, they could not communicate with her boyfriend of Mexican nationality.

Hours later, when videos of the hostage taking began to circulate, another cousin recognized Shani in one of them: she was the young woman who was in the back of a truck, surrounded by armed militiamen.

Although Louk avoided watching the video, Shani’s parents confirmed that it was her. “We recognized her because of her tattoos and her long dreadlocks ,” they stated.

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leaked video

The family is still waiting for more news and maintains cautious hope. Louk blames Hamas for the situation of Shani and the other missing people.

Palestinian militants claimed and spread images of the kidn@pping of several Israelis.

“There are soldiers and civilians kidn@pped. I cannot give figures at this time. It is a war crime committed by Hamas and they will pay the consequences,” admitted Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari.

The head of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, proclaimed on the Al Aqsa television network – run by the armed group – that he envisioned a “great victory” in the operation he called the “Al Aqsa Flood.”

Israel reported that these terrorist att@cks left more than 250 de@d and accused Hamas of committing massacres against civilians in their own homes.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu affirmed that his country’s Army will use “all its power” to destroy Hamas, and urged Palestinians to leave the Gaza Strip by warning that it will reduce the militants’ hideouts “to rubble. ”



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