North Carolina Girl Shaquella Robinson Killed In Mexico – What Happened To Shaquella Robinson?

Shaquella Robinson Killed In Mexico
Shaquella Robinson Killed In Mexico

A video is trending in which a woman is brutally murder*d. Shaquella Robinson’s video is trending on Twitter because it’s a hilarious video. People are talking about digital murder. Shaquella Robinson Mexico Video, Mystery in Mexico: Charlotte woman found dead; autopsy revealed broken neck, family saysIt’s become a mystery in Mexico as a Charlotte family tries to find answers to how a 25-year-old wound up dead.

Conflicting reports have them wondering what really happened at a villa in Cabo. It was supposed to be a fun long weekend for Shanquella Robinson and her group of friends.

Since nobody is talking about it… Shanquella Robinson was found dead w/in 24 hours of arriving in Cabo with a group of “friends.” The autopsy determined the cause of death to be related to a broken neck and cracked spinal cord, though her “friends” claimed she had alcohol poisoning.

Shanquella Robinson viral:

who went to Cabo to celebrate one of their birthdays. She told me they had a chef. They were getting ready to eat.

They were eating tacos or a salad or something, and I said, ‘OK. I love you. Have a good night, and I will talk to you tomorrow.’ I never talked to my child again. She never made it.

Saquella Robinson Charlotte NC:

it back home,” her mom, Salamondra Robinson, told Queen City News. Salamandra says she was dead within 24 hours of her daughter’s arrival.

Figuring out how or why has only added to the family’s nightmare. It started with a frantic call from Robinson’s friends.“They said she wasn’t feeling well. She had alcohol poisoning,” she said.

They couldn’t get a pulse,” she continued. “Each one of the people that were there with her was telling different stories.

shaquille robinson mexico:

Robinson ran a braids and extensions business in Charlotte, North Carolina, and was by all accounts a much-respected hair stylist in the area. Social media has seen a steady flow of tributes following her death.

She was reportedly in Cabo, Mexico at the time, although no cause has yet been confirmed. News of Charlotte, NC braider and business owner

Shanquella Robinson’s death appears to have first emerged on October 30, 2022. But a recent TikTok upload by video maker In Killing Color has publicized the story more widely. Watch the full video below👇👇



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