Kristin Elise stated that she created her exclusive content account several years ago, and said that she was surprised by the news of the dismissal at this point.


Kristin Elise was an NFL team promoter and wore the shades of the Indianapolis Colts for over five years, be that as it may, her experience finished in a dubious way, as she was terminated by email.


Kristin Elise was terminated as an NFL team promoter after the Colts found she had an OnlyFans account following spilled photographs on Reddit


Notwithstanding, her excusal as an NFL team promoter helped her, as the model expanded her prevalence in her interpersonal organizations.

Kristin Elise twitter
Kristin Elise viral video

While on the OnlyFans stage she is perhaps of the most famous record. On Instagram, Kristin has in excess of 161 thousand devotees.

Kristin Elise

But she has an optional record with pictures in a more erotic tone, which she personally characterizes as “entertaining things”, which as of now has multiple thousand supporters.

Kristin Elise
Kristin Elise onlyfans

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