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Kodiyakredd & Minnaaaxo Onlyfans Video Leaked on Social Media

Kodiyakredd & Minnaaaxo Onlyfans Video Leaked on Social Media

Perhaps the most controversial figures to emerge from TikTok are two twin brothers who call themselves “The Island Boys.”

With tons of tattoos, different hairstyles, diamond teeth, and songs about being “island boys,” 20-year-old Franky and Alex Venegas quickly went viral under the names “Kodiyakredd” and “Flyysoulja” respectively.

Today, they have more than 6.5 million TikTok followers and have feuded with controversial social media brothers Jake and Logan Paul, TikTok star Bryce Hall, and even caught the attention From Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg, who teased them in their special “2021 and Done”.

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The brothers also made headlines in February when a childhood friend of theirs was arrested in connection with the murder, when the police raided their home. (The brothers were not involved in the matter, according to the WPBF 25 newspaper). Recently, the couple received fire from their former representative, who alleged that the brothers had financial problems and spent $ 150,000 during the June episode of the podcast.

Kodiyakredd and Mina Nashwa Leaked Video
Island boy Kodiyakredd and Mina Nashwa’s girlfriend Amina aka Minnaaaxo sex and nudity tape leaked on a fan account.

Island boy Kodiyakredd and his girlfriend Mina Nashwa Amina known as Minnaaaxo sex tape and nudes leaked from his fan account Minaxo. Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd are social media stars and young rappers. He is part of Island Boys, a musical duo consisting of himself and his twin brother Flyysoulja. The twins are known for their tattooed bodies, colorful lifestyles, and distinctive haircuts.

In the song’s viral video, the Florida twins freestyle in a swimming pool, with their signature hairstyles and diamond teeth clearly visible. The famously tattooed brothers have been making waves since releasing “I’m an Island Boy” in October 2021. They’ve feuded with Logan Paul, dealt with the law, and experienced relationship drama. Island Boys hail from West Palm Beach, Florida.

Island Boy with his girlfriend video leaks




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