After the complaint on networks, which a couple of days ago the OnlyFans model, Melanie Pavola, made against her ex-partner, Babo, the leader of Cartel de Santa, for alleged physical violence; the young woman as a result of this came out in pronouncement again.

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Melania Pavola, model of OnlyFans and ex-girlfriend of Babo, the singer of Cartel de Santa thanked on Twitter for the support she received, after the complaint she made -by this same means- against her ex-partner, who allegedly violent her physically, as he commented:

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“Thank you to all the girls who took the time to write to me, show me their support, solidarity and tell me that if you believe me and I’m not alone, thank you very much.”



Melanie Pavola explained that she attended the event despite the fact that her relationship with Eduardo Dávalos de Luna was already conflictive, since the rapper from Cartel de Santa asked her to accompany him to take care of his daughter, the most interested in listening to Khalifa in Cancun, Quintana Roo.

And it is worth remembering that the OnlyFans and fitness model, Melanie Pavola, through a thread on Twitter denounced the alleged physical assault she experienced while having a romantic relationship with Babo, the rapper from Cartel de Santa.

Well, he narrated that during a trip to Cancun for work reasons by the rapper, who by way of request asked the young woman to attend to help him take care of his daughter, despite the misunderstandings that had already been dragging, He was aggressive towards her.

Well, after an argument they had, because Babo saw her smoking – an act she didn’t like – he slapped her twice which made her lose consciousness for a moment.

For what she does not tolerate and in order not to continue the lawsuit and expose herself more, she decided to “run away” from the place and therefore from it – and not only momentarily – since after that she ended their relationship, which the young woman commented not was quite good, because he said that Babo was possessive, jealous and even apparently unfaithful.

And do not say after the complaint also hitter; so he decided to expose the fact months later since according to what Melanie noted, it was not easy to go through an event of this type and less when it comes from a person you love, as he commented:

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I did love him with all my being, I never wanted to hurt him, declaring all this, harming him, but he did not care about harming me, hurting me, hurting my face… Someone who hits you does not love you and you have to expose him because he has hit many and all are silent, not me.

Thus, after that, despite the polarized comments that this caused, she thanked those who supported her.

Watch Babo cartel de santa Leaked Video:

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