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Amelia Alcantara & Angelo Perrone TikTok Leaked Video on Social Network

Amelia Alcantara & Angelo Perrone TikTok Leaked Video on Social Network

I don’t understand what happened to the men in the Dominican Republic who put women here. There she is, Alcántara with one eye swollen from tobacco. Amelia Alcántara is in the district attorney’s office because we’re about to put her in the water, not my people.

Alcántara killed me so she wouldn’t stay like this, bearing her loss to men, that’s why I started and dragged at the start when that stage came.

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Of course, when I start a relationship, don’t look when they start a relationship. I put together the video that was recorded there, if you see it, say yes, they should kill him because the punch was so hard.


Gentlemen, I’m not going to present it to you because of Google norms. Unfortunately, he has to control his ego, he has to control it so he doesn’t support it more.

So they know how to punish women that for any small thing, they are 3 and 4 and 5 and 20 years in prison.

It’s not like that. Don’t worry, wait a moment if I have to finish it. Then Santiago Matías also left a post on his Instagram account saying that husband and wife should not be involved.

It’s okay for Santiago Matías to do that because if he gets involved in the end, he will be the one to lose.

Because right now the two are back together and the spotlight stays on like crazy parents.

Warm clothes are out of stock All we have is a camera we have internet all we have is a screen microphone setup to park all the people who happen to be having their say there.

And tell me Alcántara has to kill the prisoners Of course he has to kill him for that reason with the swollen eye he has there I’m not saying that I think the tiger should be in jail now.

Because Garcia said he stood up for Amalia Alcántara and see what he has to say in this video?

That’s how he talks, gentlemen, sometimes when García says, he likes to seek sound with everything, but in this video, he goes too far.

She speaks like a real lady, because all the pods I criticize about a woman send a very negative message to Dominican women and on top of that she thinks she knows dirtier here she has -_- me a few times in her language.

My daughter, I never responded for not putting myself down, but I will tell you one thing, Amelia, if I ever find myself in that moment, this abuse.



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