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Adam22’s Wife Lena The Plug Does Her First Scene with a Male Adult Film Star In Full Video

Adam22’s Wife Lena The Plug Does Her First Scene with a Male Adult Film Star In Full Video

Adam22 from No Jumper has been open about his involvement in the porn industry, along with his wife Lena The Plug. While the couple has performed in scenes together, including threesomes with other women, Lena has only been intimate with her husband. After years of only having Adam22 as her male costar, Lena revealed an upcoming scene with another man.

“Hey guys, guess who I’m shooting today? It’s finally happening,” Lena said in a social media post before male porn star, Jason Luv, appeared.

In a previous VladTV interview, Adam22 touched on the topic of his wife filming with other men and swinging. The No Jumper host admitted that while he was open to the idea of Lena filming with other men, he found the idea of swinging “intriguing” but “scary and weird.”

Now it seems the couple has warmed up even more to the idea. Look above to view Lena The Plug’s post.

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